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I absolutely love receiving feedback from those who have purchased my products and services.
The Divine Sanctuary was created to be of magnificent service to the community. Here are some of our client's experiences with Attunement Sessions, Sound Baths, and embracing a Holistic Approach to Well Being. 
As Always, Thank You for Your Love and Support.

"I just started thinking of you and how grateful I am to have gone on such a sacred journey with you. I can't find the exact words but you really helped me remember who I am."  
-Energetic Attunement Sessions

First of all, I could smell the soap before I even opened the packaging. It smells so amazing! The packaging was so beautiful and thoughtful and the soap left my man's skin so silky. Thank you, Jade! Your products are the truth. 10/10 would recommend.
-Frankincense and Myrrh Soap

 I absolutely loved my session with Jade! She was knowledgeable, compassionate and wise. Since my session with her, I have felt lighter, more comfortable.... like a weight has been lifted. I can feel that something has shifted and am looking forward to seeing how else that will show up.

        -Energetic Attunement Session


Jade is wonderful. She has a very sweet and soothing energy. I have had amazing experiences with the sound bowl therapy. Looking forward to the next one!


         -Singing Bowls for Soul Event


I really enjoyed my session with Jade! She made me feel very comfortable, at ease, and explained everything before we started and as we went along. It was very affirming but also brought up a lot of emotions that I needed to process. It also helped me to better understand my purpose and what that future looks like through my healing. Since the session, I've started a lot of work around the trauma(s) we discussed and feel myself getting closer to the future self I saw. I only wish we could have talked a little after the session for my own clarification on some of the topics we discussed during the session.

-Energetic Attunement Session

**We connected after I received this testimonial for clarification**

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