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Sacred Birth Doula Practice

The Art of Sacred Pregnancy and Birth

  Our Mission is to return Pregnancy and  Birth to the Sacred Art that it is. Pregnancy and Birth are a beautiful creation process, infused with many blessings and showers of love from God. When a Soul has chosen a woman to be the vessel and portal in which it returns to the Earth, that is a great honor not only for that woman, but her family and community. During pregnancy, the mom and family need to be surrounded by love and support as much as possible. A Doula can provide that love and support to the expecting family; as she can educate, encourage, and empower the family to enjoy this Sacred Time. We believe that the new Soul entering the family, often visits its family in dreams and visions. Through our ancient practices, each child’s being has a Song that its given to the parents or a close family member that reminds this child of it’s true nature as Soul. We have come to know, that by assisting the parents in strengthening their own connection with God, Divine Spirit, while also preparing them for the pregnancy, labor and postpartum processes they are well equipped to carry, birth, and care for a new child with Love and Grace trusting in their own intuition as to what is best for the parents and their child.  At Sacred Birth Doula Practice, we seek to honor the ways in which Spirit communicates through blessings and offerings for the family as well as practicing loving kindness toward the family.

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Sacred Birth Doula: Welcome


Be In The Know

What are the benefits of having a Doula during pregnancy, labor, and birth?

Some of the main benefits of having a doula are:
-Being emopwered during your pregnancy, labor, and delivery
-Pregnancy, Labor, and Postpartum Education and Support
-Reduced need for pain treatment during labor
-Reduced need for medical intervention during labor and delivery
-Increase Breastfeeding Success

What Type of Services Do You Offer?

Prenatal Services:

    -3 Prenatal Appointment Visits

    -Birth Vision and Birth Plan Assitance

    - Nutrition Support

    -Meal Preparation

    -Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery, Postpartum Education

     -3-6 Home Visits

Labor and Delivery Services:

    -Advocate for Mama and Family 

    -Remind Family of Birth Plan

    -Provide Comfort Measures

    -Provide Loving, Kind Support from Active Labor to After Birth

    -Breastfeeding Support

Postpartum Services:

   -3-6 Home Visits

   -Provide Mama and Family Care

   -Assist with Breastfeeding

   -Simple House Care

   -Address Concerns of New Family

**These are included in our Sacred Birth Elemental Service.

What Type of Spiritual Practices Do You  Offer?

Mama Blessing: Sacred Ritual which blesses the mother in preparation for a safe and healthy delivery. A time to uplift the mom but also address her concerns or worries in a sacred circle.

Sound Healing Session: Sound Bath with Quartz Singing Bowls to soothe the body and mind while keeping the heart open.

Purifying and Balancing Session: Energetic Cleansing for both parents to maintain harmony and peace as well as receive an infusion of love. 

**These can be requested individually but are also included in our Sacred Birth Cosmic Service. 

What are your Plans and Pricing?

We offer two main plans:

**Sacred Birth Elemental Doula Service is $875; which includes our standard prenatal, labor, delivery and postpartum services. 

**Sacred Birth Cosmic Doula Service is $1275; which includes both our standard and spiritual services. 

We offer Prenatal, Labor/Delivery, and Postpartum Services Individually. We also have payment plans for the Elemental and Cosmic Services. Please contact us at if you need assistance with a payment plan  or individual

Sacred Birth Doula: FAQ
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