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Welcome to The Sanctuary.

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Nature Is The Healer(NIH) was created as a Sanctuary, Haven and Sacred Space for those on their Healing and/ or Spiritual Journey. It is my knowing that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience; with this awareness we are all on a Spiritual Journey.

Nature Is The Healer is here for those that are experiencing a Spiritual Awakening, are Feeling the Call of Soul, are seeking to Evolve and Return Home to Love, or need Attunement and Encouragement on their journey. NIH is here for all of it!

I have found that having sacred spaces where we can unburden, unwind, decompress, and heal are few and far between for people of color so I chose to be, hold space for, and create a sacred space that does just that.

Through all the services I offer the goal is the same, to assist one in returning to love and returning to who they are as Soul.

It is my hope and vision that in healing the connection with ourselves, we can bring about more love and connection in our communities.