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The Benefits of Writing

🖊️Writing may be one of the greatest practices one can hope to develop as they travel along their spiritual journey. It helps one release, discover, reveal, and evolve. It has become the ultimate tool for self reflection, self discovery, and self awareness along my own journey of remembrance and self discovery.

Writing can also be seen as one of the most optimal mediums we can hope to use to share our discoveries, thoughts, revelations, beliefs, hopes, nightmares, and triumphs with the world. Writing is eternal. The words remain after the writer is long gone and can be revisited year after year, often times revealing a new insight. They are brought forth from within the writer’s being and may enter into the reader’s awareness, to be etched forever in their hearts for as long as it resonates.

I have always had a passion for writing. It has become one of my closest and dearest friends. At an early age, writing was, and still is, one of the easiest forms of communication for me. at times speaking fails me, especially when the words resound deeply within me; however, when writing I am able to convey those messages, thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that may have been developing within me for some time. Writing has also allowed me to process emotions that I had buried deep within and yet assisted me in revealing the gifts to be revealed from the painful experiences in my life. It has also allowed me to share profound spiritual experiences and realizations through the art of storytelling.

When one puts a pen to paper there is a deeply magical and spiritual process that takes place. You are taking thought, which can often come from the imagination, dreams, insights that you have received and putting into form, putting it into words. Often times you are taking ‘downloads’ and putting those into words and images you can understand. Allow yourself to sit with the power that holds. Writing can be a tool of manifestation.

💭Have you ever sat in a state of deep thought, in meditation or contemplation, received an insight, and began to write about the insight?

🖊️Have you found that what was written was far more than the initial insight you received? Perhaps, the process of writing expanded your awareness...

💤Have you written about your dreams and found that you were able to recall more upon writing them down?

✨Have you experienced synchronicities, moments where you are able to see the connections, and recognize Divine Spirit working in your life? Did you maybe write them down and later revisit that moment to reflect upon it’s significance in your life?

In a way, I feel writing speaks to the ancient art of storytelling that we don’t experience as often as we once did. It harkens back to a time where the community sat around a campfire, listening to the elders share not only their stories, but their wisdom, their lessons, their love with the village.