• Jade Sunshine

Benefits of Shamanic Healing

Typically, people seek out Shamans when all other conventional avenues — like therapy, medical intervention in some cases, counseling, affirmations, shifts in lifestyle (way of eating, exercising, and caring for one’s self)— have been exhausted and the desired results or change of being have not yet been achieved. As one who has studied a variety of healing and energetic practices, I love Shamanic Healing because it ties it all together and can be used in tandem with other energetic modalities and ways of returning to the True Self. It offers clarity, healing and insight on levels from physical to spiritual in very real and practical ways. People often seek Shamans when they are at the beginning of an awakening, this has been especially true for me in my practice. I often act as a guide, confidant, and channel for those experiencing an awakening so that they can return home to themselves and live as Soul no longer burdened by the weights of this world and the problems it presents. That’s not to say that it’s magic and all our worries, problems and troubles have been erased, but that we have a deeper understanding of their roots in our lives, how we can move past them into a greater state of awareness, and begin to create from a place of love, rather than trauma or fear. To me, the most powerful benefit of Shamanic Healing is having a greater and clearer knowing of who one truly is as Soul, as an infinite multidimensional being. This often shows up as medicine during a session in the form of power animals, soul medicine, words of wisdom, and gifts which all represent and act as reminders of this knowing. It is an opportunity and calling to view one’s life through the eyes of Soul. Jade Shaman

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