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💎How to be in alignment and how to return to your center when life throws you off balance?

💡Alignment is a State of Being. It takes practice, discipline, and commitment to enter this state of being. To me, alignment feels like peace and joy. It is this inner calm, this inner knowing when life moves on around you.

🌟Alignment is allowing divine love to flow through you as a vessel, so that your True Self, Soul may come forth, shinning through.

🌈 I have realized that the key to staying aligned is through coming to know who you are as Soul, connecting with the Creator, and Being of Service to Life.

🌹Simply it can be achieved through Self Awareness, Developing a Spiritual Practice, and Serving with Love(doing what you Love).

💎We shift in and out of alignment, we shift in and out of timelines, we shift in and out of awareness but we can always choose to return to our Center, return to the Truth, and return to Love.

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